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Eve online low slot shield modules

eve online low slot shield modules

Low slots are left free for damage modules, etc. Shield tanking modules are almost exclusively fit in mid slots, competing with tackling, EWAR. In part 1 of this series on the world of tanking in EVE Online, I introduced Instead, shield tanks tend to use a low slot module called the "Power. To further discussion on the subject, shield tanked ships usually use modules in the mid slots, so something like a Heron might not have as  Gallente Shield Tanked Now? - Ships & Modules. Due to the fact that bonuses from damage control modules are not stacking penalised, it has become commonplace to fit one on almost any shield tanking ship. That means a shield that has a lot of HP, due to fitting shield extenders for example, will recharge in the same time as the shield on the same ship, that is not enhanced by extenders, therefor giving you a higher recharge rate. This includes armor plating, expanded cargoholds, and damage controls. Shield boosters repair less damage per unit of capacitor used than armour repairers but can repair much faster. Typically you can reduce the incoming damage by eliminating some of the NPC ships to slow the incoming damage. Shield boosters are not usually recommended on Uni fleet operations, because while they typically cycle fairly quickly, they do not give large boosts to shields for each cycle and they are hard on your capacitor. For all the other ships out there, there are way better tanking options. In combination with other mods, that actively enhance the recharge rate, you can actually get into regions where the recharge rate is so high that it mitigates incoming DPS. Google Drive is ready to back up all the files on your PC. The basic fitting philosophy for incursions is to have a buffer tank and as much DPS as possible. A Damage Control module gives a significant boost to any ship's durability by giving resistance bonuses to armor, shields and hull. It's pretty tight on CPU so you might need a CPU implant to make up for low skills. The tools help knock out backgrounds and draw smoother lines and curves. Navigation Main page Categories Recent changes Random page Help. Hazri The basic fitting philosophy for incursions is to have a buffer tank and as much DPS as possible. The fitting requirements for resistance modules are often less than the fitting requirements for Shield Extenders. The Basic modules use less CPU than the normal variants and no power grid, but are much less effective.

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